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Faster event check-in. Promote attendee’s experience.


Our well-proven access control solution helps create safer and more personalized events using the most accurate, scalable and fastest facial recognition technology.

ScanViS CamGuard system was adopted at different industry events from thousands to over 100,000 attendees for venue access control and enhanced security. It speeds up on-site check-in process by reducing 50% queuing time of registered attendees. With facial recognition technology, organizer can non-intrusively track attendee participation to determine which sessions are the most popular based on attendance.

For other paid and exclusive conferences and VIP events, both GateGuard and CamGuard enable organizer to compile watch list from ID groups, protecting attendees’ privacy and ensuring event exclusivity. These systems automatically identify and deliver personalized greetings to VIP customers on the screen display. With our mobile app, security or event personnel are able to check ID from different entry points at the event site.




  • Expedite entry
  • Efficient monitoring of entry points
  • Instant alerts of VIPs/banned attendees
  • Enhance attendee’s experience
  • Improve security

Making your event smarter

Shaping future of your events or conferences with facial recognition technology to provide top-notch event services to attendees while streamlining on-site check-in process for efficiency in operation and staffing.



Events that need venue access control

  • Industry trade show, exhibition
  • Conference, seminar
  • Art, music, VIP events
  • Auction house, fashion show