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Streamline hospital operations. Put patient in focus.


With heavy patient loads and reduced staffing in many of today’s hospitals, it is important to have an accurate and efficient authentication system to control access and verify ID of patients, visitors, and contractors to the restricted zone, as well as to facilitate attendance recording of staff who need to take shifts.

Using a reliable patient authentication process to control access to out-patient center, consultation room, operation theatre, dispensary, can help eliminate human error. Both of our GateGuard and AIEng systems applying the world-leading facial recognition technology can simplify verification and reduce administration pressure on high-traffic hospital area.

Our attendance recording solution using facial recognition technology eases the work of access control management for admins, who no longer need to handle lost staff passes and forgotten passwords. Its hands-free authentication process gives a more hygienic way to keep staff safe from unnecessary physical contact with the device.




  • Increase hospital operations and services
  • Improve patient flow and service-cycle time
  • Prevent drug diversion and supply theft
  • Protect infants from abduction or mix-ups
  • Restrict unwanted visitor access

Accuracy ensures efficiency

Smart hospitals are adopting facial recognition technology to meet the challenges and improve operational efficiency, patient satisfaction and overall profitability. Our solution gives a complete portfolio to make a safer work environment with better patient services.


Places that need access control

  • Office, conference room
  • Restricted areas: custodial wards, baby ward, ICU, clinical supply room, blood bank, dispensary, consultation room, operation theatre
  • IT department, data center, clinical laboratory
  • Staff quarter

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