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From customer engagement to retail sales and services.


Deliver compelling new consumer experiences while boosting staff productivity and store sales with ScanViS customer service solution.

ScanViS Display interactive signage using facial recognition technology can identify customer demographic in order to display relevant, interactive and personalized ads and promotion information to encourage purchasing. Customer data collected will be stored for further clientele analysis that helps retailers to identify and evaluate effective marketing event and targeting groups.

ScanViS Analyze analytic management platform working with IP cameras and Display interactive signage both give facial recognition with instant notification in any retail environment. Once VIP customer enters the store, the front line staff can recognize who he/she is by receiving the notification to his mobile phone. It can help retailer provide more services to achieve marketing and sales goals.

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  • Pop up the right advertisement
  • Interactive promotion
  • Raise shopping incentive
  • VIP management system
  • Customer analytics

Upgrade services with customer analytics

With high-precision facial recognition software and comprehensive analytics capabilities, our system not only helps create VIP/ buyer profile for consumer loyalty events but also provides fresh data to track the performance of in-store marketing activities.


Places that need customer service solution

  • Retail shop, restaurant
  • Shopping mall, supermarket
  • Spa center, beauty salon
  • Theme park, museum 

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