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Enterprise-grade facial recognition server for corporate security in premises

AIEng is a facial recognition server that detects individual faces, extracts attributes, and matches the face with a database of 1 million faces. It delivers ID management, blacklist alerts, multi-channel facial image analysis, device management, and remote upgrade. The server supports up to 8 IP cameras which each of them can capture up to 20 faces in one scene

Powered by the world-leading algorithm, AIEng gives full face recognition regardless of makeup, beard, hats, and the like, ensuring high level of accuracy. With built-in security system, this facial recognition server enables data management at anywhere, and allow customization to fit the applications and scenarios in an optimal way. 

Featuring alert window to trigger alarm system, AIEng also performs real time access logs monitoring via web GUI, resulting better security and enhanced staff performance of admin or security personnel.  



Which industries use AIEng? 





Real-time Security