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Interactive signage for actionable insight in retail business

ScanViS Display interactive signage is both a source and a display for audience data. It encompasses the engagement of the viewing public and collects the data based on that interaction.

Combining facial detection tool and interactive digital technology, this intelligent signage delivers targeted content in real time during shopping experience, engaging customers while upping sales and creating stronger brands for retailers. For example, if a customer in a particular age range is captured by the analytics engine, content can appear on the digital display, marketing products geared for their age group and gender. On top of that, specific light signals identifying different groups of revisiting visitor help notify retail staff to take the right sales approach for better shop business.

On the backend, these data supply the retailer with information on trends, customers and engagement, which allows for stronger understanding and analysis of future marketing decisions. 

To create refined buyer profile, Display can work with Analyze for in-depth customer analytics to deliver personalized promotions and win your customer by retargeting. 



What industries use ScanViS Display?




Customer experience