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Manage door access with facial recognition

ScanViS Access Control Solution is a face-based authentication system to control door or gate access. It is designed to physically protect property or information from unauthorized people.


Control Access to Restricted Areas

Establish a reliable biometric-enforced perimeter around commercial buildings, offices, R&D laboratories, data centers, clinical storerooms, hospitals, healthcare centers, and other restricted locations.

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Identity protection

Only authorized staff or visitors gain access to restricted or secure areas, efficiently verifying identity and protecting access to sensitive locations.

Enhance security

Provide an additional layer of security beyond keys, tap cards, and passwords.


Crowd Management in Events or Conferences

Simplify, expedite authentication or registration process, and protect against identity fraud at paid events.


Streamline admission process and prioritize VIPs

Streamline onsite admission process to conferences and events. Easy to identify VIPs for greetings and attention they deserve.

Analytics for future planning

Manage ID groups with user-friendly Web GUI. Provide market insights for better event marketing or event service planning.


Patient Authentication in Healthcare Services

When it comes to patient safety, medical information, operation rooms, and dispensary, strict level of security is a big concern to hospitals or healthcare institutions.


Hygienic, hands-free biometric authentication

Flexibility in system design verifying staff or patient identity from controlled access zones to out-patient registration area.

Reliable system over 24/7 operation

Support hospital management system, audit trail reporting, and surveillance system for cost-efficient authentication and access management.

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