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Streamline clock-in process from office to school

ScanViS Attendance Solution embraces GateGuard all-in-one device and CamGuard system operating with IP cameras and facial recognition server to manage access control of entry points. Attendance recording is just a simple, contactless, and safe process in organizations and schools.  


Staff Register in Organizations

Our solution is designed for all organisations, particularly suitable for those employ shift workers in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, healthcare, F&B and retail.


Accurate time tracking and payroll process

Reduce manual payroll processing by automatically loading work hours into payroll system. Eliminate overpayment and underpayment.

Fast and convenient check-in

The sub-second recognition process works at a glance, no need to keep tap cards, fingerprints, or passwords.

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Students or Visitors Check-in in Schools

Other than giving fast and accurate attendance recording, our solution protects academic areas or learning institutions from unauthorized people or strangers intruding in classes or other student events.


Upgrade class check-in process

A quick and accurate process of recording attendance. Stamp out proxy attendance and enhance security in class.

Reduce efforts and increase productivity

Automate attendance recording at entry point that reduces both time and effort of teachers and admins for more productive works.

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Participants or Delegates Register at Paid Events

ScanViS facial recognition technology shortens registration queuing time and ensures only the paid or registered participant or delegate are authorized access to the event. 


Personalize attendee experience

Greeting message can be displayed when registered attendee/VIP is verified to grant entry to the venue within a second.

Optimize onsite operation efficiency

Simplify onsite check-in process to save time of staff for other attendee services.