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Turn data into actionable marketing insights

ScanViS Customer Service Solution delivers targeted content in real time during the shopping experience, engaging customers while upping sales and creating stronger brands for retailers. 

Our Display interactive signage is both a source and a display for audience data. Analyze is a facial recognition analytic management platform which consolidates customer data for better marketing and business planning.


Engaging Viewing Public from Shopping Mall to Retail Shop

Our Customer Service Solution not only identifies and classifies customers, but also helps retailers optimize and plan their product offerings.



Personalize advertising content

The solution uses cameras to identify the person’s age and gender in real time, personalizing interactive advertisements accordingly to engage customer and drive sales.

Collecting data based on interaction

Accurately assess facial expressions of shoppers including metrics such as age, gender, and demographic information for marketing decisions.


Service Updates at Reception Area

Reception counter is the first place customer will visit in hotel, healthcare center, beauty salon, clubhouse, learning center, ScanViS Display interactive signage can greet and engage customers with service updates and targeted advertisements.


Create refined visitor profile to personalize service

Identify visitors, link them to past visits and generate personalized product recommendations based on the data.

Develop statistics to learn market changes

Obtain fresh data of visitors and passing traffic data for in-depth analytics and regular round up to react to market changes.


Intelligent Service Guide in Large Entertainment Venue

When customers moving through a large entertainment or consumer venue such as theme park, travel retail center in the transport hub, or resort village, Digital interactive signage and Analyze empowered by facial recognition technology are ideal tools to show them the relevant services.  


Intelligent service guide

When a customer in a particular age range is captured by the analytics engine, content can appear on the digital display, marketing service items geared for their age group and gender.

Demographic insights for better facility planning

By tracking the flow of people around the entertainment venue, including where they stop and where they don’t, business planning team can adjust the layout or re-position service item.

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