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2021.03.12 2021.03.12 On-Demand Webinar: A Complete Access Control Solution for the New Normal
2021.03.10 2021.03.10 Automated attendance system with GateGuard (Use Case in Portugal)
2021.03.05 2021.03.05 How Europe’s first “digital nomad village” integrated visitor management with AI temperature detection?
2020.11.19 2020.11.19 On-Demand Webinar: Thermal Detection Solution A Cost Effective System for Access Management
2020.11.05 2020.11.05 Scanvis Access Control Solution Selected By China Mobile International For Its Data Center
2020.10.23 2020.10.23 Thermal Detection Series: GateGuard PRO with Wrist Temp Detector
2020.08.14 2020.08.14 On-Demand Webinar: Access Control Solutions powered by Flexible Central Management System
2020.07.16 2020.07.16 Thermal Detection Series: GateGuard TH
2020.07.01 2020.07.01 On-Demand Webinar: Facial Recognition in New Times - ScanViS Integration with Milestone Xprotect
2020.05.12 2020.05.12 Video Surveillance Solution for Enterprises
2020.05.01 2020.05.01 On-Demand Webinar - Thermal Detection Solution
2020.03.25 2020.03.25 ScanViS Logo Rebranding
2019.10.28 2019.10.28 Futurecom 2019, Brazil, 28-31 Oct
2019.10.03 2019.10.03 Indonesia Infrastructure Week, 6-8 Nov 2019
2019.09.30 2019.09.30 Safety & Security Asia 2019, 1-3 Oct
2019.08.27 2019.08.27 ScanViS streamlined and sped up registration process for SmartHK event in Guangzhou
2019.06.28 2019.06.28 ISC Conference & Exhibition, Sao Paulo, 25-27 Jun 2019
2019.06.08 2019.06.08 Abrint Trade Show, Sao Paulo, 5-7 Jun 2019
2019.05.24 2019.05.24 Exposec in Brazil, 21-23 May 2019
2019.04.17 2019.04.17 Hong Kong ICT Expo, 13-16 April 2019
2019.02.24 2019.02.24 What’s new at MWC19 Barcelona?
2019.01.31 2019.01.31 ScanViS Facial Recognition Solution Offers Fast and Secure Venue Access Control at MWC Barcelona 2019

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Manage door access with facial recognition


Streamline clock-in process from office to school

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Turn data into actionable marketing insights

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Proactive awareness to protect citizens and officers
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