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Efficient RDDS: AI-Powered Road Defect Detection and Workflow Automation for Enhanced Road Maintenance and Safety


The ScanViS Road Defect Detection System (RDDS) consists of a mobile app and a cloud-based AI server. Users can simply capture videos using the mobile app while driving along the roads that need inspection. These videos, along with GPS location data, are then uploaded to the cloud AI server.

The cloud AI server analyzes the captured videos and detects various road defects, including potholes, crooked fences, overgrown branches, and more than 20 other types of defects. The AI server portal presents a dashboard summarizing the detected defects, including image captures, locations, detected defect types, and timestamps for each identified issue. Moreover, the AI server can notify relevant personnel about the detected defects via email or a Telegram group. Additionally, the cloud server acts as a workflow system, managing the entire cycle of verification, dispatching repair jobs, tracking completion, and confirmation.

RDDS introduces an advanced and efficient approach to identify and report road defects through its sophisticated AI platform, which has been trained to recognize over 20 different types of road defects. This system significantly reduces the workload required for manual inspection and reporting, reducing it from two-man days to a mere 1.5 hours of driving. All reports and workflows are automatically generated, greatly enhancing working efficiency and workflow automation.