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Protect commercial property. Enhance operation efficiency.


ScanViS access control solution is designed for area perimeter or building entry where facial recognition is integrated with a door or turnstile to allow or deny access. This can also be used in combination with entry pass as a second token.

Given that ScanViS GateGuard reliably identify authorized personnel, organizations can automate the payroll process to prevent errors and “buddy punching”; restrict areas such as data center to specific employees; and instantly identify missing personnel in emergencies.

Our solution monitors faces and positively matches them against a database including staff, contractors and visitors. If an individual is not matched in the database, push alerts will show on the monitoring display for the appropriate personnel to react, enabling a quick response to the unauthorized visit.

For work environment safety, ScanViS AIEng is an enterprise-grade facial recognition server to perform monitoring and surveillance in commercial buildings. This server finds face matches in a huge dataset of faces and compare it with those from the watch list, sending alert to security personnel when a person-of-interest is identified. 




  • Process automation
  • Remote monitoring and alerts
  • Works with HR and payroll systems
  • Analytics and integration for cost-effective operations
  • Scalable, future-proof solutions


Flexible and scalable system

Our solution gives freedom to integrate seamlessly with other systems, for example, surveillance system.

Organizations can use them from basic identification and entry control to advanced access management.


Places that need access control

  • Office, office building with multiple entry points
  • Restricted areas: data center, warehouse, showroom
  • Factory, laboratory
  • Hotel premises: executive floor, clubhouse, conference room 

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