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For long time, public services have been faced with the dilemma of wide service coverage and low manpower, which is widespread in cities around the world. If ordinary cleaning work could be replaced by sprinklers and sweepers, to detect the defects on road infrastructure would still rely on manual work and take a lot of time. 

Under this dilemma, our RDDSolution (Road Defect Detection Solution) proves to be an invaluable asset for public service entities who play a crucial role in maintaining and managing road infrastructure. With its advanced capabilities in road defect detection and reporting, the RDDSolution offers numerous benefits that address critical needs in the public service sector. 

One of the primary reasons public service entities need the RDDSolution is its ability to streamline operations and save valuable time and resources. Manual inspections and labor-intensive tasks can be significantly reduced or eliminated altogether, as the system automates the process of identifying and categorizing road defects. This automation enables public service providers to allocate their workforce and resources more efficiently, focusing on targeted repair and maintenance activities. By optimizing their operations, public service entities can enhance overall productivity and cost-effectiveness. 

While the RDDSolution offers cost-effective deployment options, making it accessible to public service entities of all sizes. The system's centimeter-level positioning system eliminates the need for underground sensors, enabling rapid deployment and reducing deployment costs. This scalability and cost-effectiveness ensure that even organizations with limited budgets can benefit from the capabilities of the RDDSolution, contributing to equitable infrastructure management across various regions. 

Comprehensive reporting capabilities are also crucial for public service entities. These reports provide detailed insights that enable public service providers to make informed decisions and efficiently allocate resources for repair and maintenance projects. With a clear understanding of the road conditions and defect prioritization, public service entities can ensure timely resolution of road issues and minimize disruptions to traffic flow.


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