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As we are all aware, the modern education system is currently experiencing several important trends. One crucial aspect is the need for the education sector to prioritize high security and effectively manage access control and attendance of students and visitors. The ACASolution (Access Control and Attendance Solution) addresses these critical needs by offering advanced capabilities and numerous benefits.

Implementing ACASolution can bring significant advantages to education providers by streamlining operations and saving valuable time and resources. The system automates access control and attendance monitoring, reducing or eliminating the need for manual tracking and administrative tasks. This automation enables educational sector to allocate their workforce and resources more efficiently, allowing them to focus on targeted educational activities. By optimizing their operations, education providers can improve overall productivity and cost-effectiveness. 

Another significant trend in the education sector is the rapid expansion of online education. Thousands of individuals have been engaged in online lecturing and video conferencing for an extended period. To support such applications with high resolution, low latency, and precise visual capture, there is a paramount demand for automatic tracking camera systems. 

ScanViS has successfully deployed such solutions in one of the leading universities in Hong Kong in recent years. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, when many courses were conducted as online lectures, the ScanViS Tracking Camera accurately followed the speaker in real time, ensuring the integrity of the course and a seamless experience.


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