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Cutting-Edge PCS: Real-Time Queue Monitoring and Big Data Analysis to Elevate User Satisfaction


The ScanViS People Counting System (PCS) comprises three vital components: an IP camera, a people counting server, and a cloud server. Together, these components synergistically enhance the capabilities of people counting. The IP camera effectively monitors various environments, while the people counting server ensures accurate and efficient people count reports. Additionally, the cloud server serves as a centralized hub, aggregating and summarizing all data and providing valuable reports on people's grouping, scattering patterns, and trends. Leveraging cloud-based services, collected data and reports can be instantly shared, facilitating seamless access and collaboration.

ScanViS PCS has been deployed in various scenarios, including shopping malls, bus stops, and over 2000 buses. ScanViS is capable of optimizing the algorithm for different conditions and camera angles, allowing for flexible camera placement and direction towards the counting region.

The people counting data provided by the system enables real-time monitoring of queue length or loading for users and passengers. This allows organizations to proactively adjust resources and take necessary actions in extreme cases. In long-term, the system offers valuable information for big data analysis, facilitating long-term trend analysis and planning, optimized resource allocation, and route optimization. These insights contribute to improving the overall experience for both customers and staff, ultimately increasing organizational productivity.