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Traditional access control for enterprises faces several challenges, including the risk of lost or duplicated entry passes, delays during peak periods, and unauthorized access. Hence modern enterprises urgently need reliable authentication in high-security environments. 

To realize comprehensive security for enterprises, the integration of our ACASolution (Access Control and Attendance Solution) with the VMSolution (Visitor Management Solution) takes center stage. Meanwhile, a CMS (Central Management System), giving an agile yet efficient rack level access control system to meet the rigorous requirements of physical security for enterprises nowadays.                      

Integrating advanced facial recognition technology into area perimeters or building entries, the ScanViS ACASolution provides a seamless and secure access control experience. Designed specifically for this purpose, our solution seamlessly integrates facial recognition with doors or turnstiles, granting or denying access as needed. For added security, it can also be used in conjunction with entry passes as a secondary token, further enhancing access control measures. 

With ScanViS, you can elevate your access control and security measures to new heights, ensuring the utmost protection for your enterprise and its valuable assets. Experience our advanced solutions for the peace of mind that comes with robust and reliable security infrastructure.






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