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 MWC Barcelona 2021 Touchless Access Control Solution - BREEZ


GSMA, the global mobile industry event organizer, looked for frictionless and secure venue access to improve attendees’ entry experience at Mobile World Congress 2021 in Barcelona. The GSMA created the BREEZ experience to provide an end-to-end secure registration and access solution with ScanViS. ScanViS has deployed a fast and efficient event check-in system using a safe and reliable facial recognition technology during MWC21.


 BREEZ Deployment


Results and Benefits

Faster identity checks and seamless venue access

With such a large volume of attendees, it is crucial to speed up the visitor entry process. ScanViS GateGuard PRO verifies face ID within 0.3 seconds at the same time processes mask and liveness detections, significantly easing people traffic during peak hours yet ensuring health safety and venue security. 


Hands-free, hygienic experience for attendees

The whole verification process is completed by the ScanViS devices and is touch-free to avoid unnecessary physical contacts between humans and machines, which significantly mitigates the risk of cross-infection and secures a healthy and hygienic experience for the attendees. 


Security-focused entry management

ScanViS’s leading facial recognition technology offers a more secure authentication method by transforming attendees' biometric features into encoded unique datasets. All access logs and visitor databases are encrypted and stored on a local server isolated from the public network to safeguard against data breaches.


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