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Automated Attendance System with GateGuard

Use Case of a Cleaning Service Provider in Portugal


Manual payroll processes are often a pain for both HR and Finance teams. An automated payroll system allows HR or admin to handle payroll operations smoothly with system-generated reports. How to make attendance management easy with GateGuard?

Recently, a well-known cleaning service provider in Portugal selected ScanViS GateGuard Series to automate their attendance system with facial recognition technology and benefit from cloud efficiencies.


Client Challenges

  1. Difficulty in tracking a large number of staff with various rosters
  2. Manual payroll processes are time-consuming
  3. Demanding to generate a real-time alert for any attendance anomalies


Smart HR Attendance Solution


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Results and Benefits

  1. Eliminate manual document processes
  2. Easy real-time tracking
  3. Scalable, convenient attendance management
  4. Fast, accurate check-in for workers


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