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ScanViS Achieves Strong Performance at Startup Co-Development Event Organized by Hong Kong Science Park


On June 20th, 2024, ScanViS, a subsidiary of Comba Group, participated in the "Startup Co-Development" event organized by Hong Kong Science Park at the Community Lab in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. This event provided a dynamic platform for startups to receive valuable feedback and guidance from seasoned industry advisors, as well as explore new business development opportunities.

Ken Li, Senior Solution Manager of ScanViS, presented the company's innovative solutions and shared additional insights. ScanViS specializes in cutting-edge biometric and AI-driven solutions designed to enhance security, efficiency, and convenience in various industries. The solution portfolio includes facial recognition systems, smart access control, and visitor management solutions, which have been widely adopted in corporate offices, educational institutions, and public facilities.

During the discussion and feedback session, advisors from the Jebsen Group, CityBus, and HK Express evaluated ScanViS' proposal, offering insights into the company's market potential, innovation, and differentiation. This constructive feedback enabled ScanViS to forge connections with industry veterans and gather crucial input for future growth.

The successful participation in the Startup Co-Development event has further solidified ScanViS' position within the Hong Kong innovation ecosystem. This achievement opens up new avenues for growth and collaboration, positioning ScanViS to leverage these connections and insights to accelerate market expansion and continue driving technological advancements in its field.

As an integral part of Comba, ScanViS remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and contributing to the broader tech landscape. By integrating advanced AI technologies with practical applications, ScanViS is poised to lead the way in developing intelligent, secure, and user-friendly solutions for the modern world.