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Proactive awareness to protect citizens and officers

ScanViS Public Security Solution runs with multiple cameras to easily track and locate individuals, like suspected criminals or members of terrorist groups. A task that was impossible on a country or citywide scale is now effortless. 


Keep city streets safe with integrated views

ScanViS Public Security Solution is powered by the world-leading facial recognition algorithm, enabling officers and first responders with situational awareness and intelligence tools for smarter crime response, investigations and prevention.


Push alerts on persons-of-interest

With a single photo, our solution instantly confirms whether a person of interest is really who they say they are. 

Mobile Facial Recognition

Detect selected subjects with real-time video feeds, and alert security to indoor and outdoor intrusion of people in critical or restricted areas.

Handy Device for Security Spot-Checks

Adopting our solution, mobile law enforcement personnel can perform spot-checks of suspicious individuals, further improving safety and preventing blacklisted people (such as a fan banned from a sports stadium) from entering the facility.



Accurate identify verification

Higher algorithm efficiency enables very fast indexed search of individual for identity verification between the captured photos and the ID photos.

Highly adaptable system

Support cross-platform portrait sharing including face-capturing cameras, smart glasses and bodycams.

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Situational Awareness for Campus and Commercial Safety

Our solution is highly reliable to increase student, employee and patient safety with integrated tools. It gets alerts on intrusions, wanted and dangerous individuals, allowing nearly instantaneous response to approach a target.


Flexible architecture

Video streams can be taken from existing IP cameras throughout the campus, commercial or hospital area, and be processed either locally or at a centralized data center.

Automated detection and direction control

Automated alerts help officials monitor all areas of large facilities and react faster to security situations.

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