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Video Surveillance Solution for Enterprises


Surveillance video cameras have been widely established in both public and private venues for the purpose of security monitoring, access control, finding missing persons and the like. ScanViS Video Surveillance Solutions comprises Intelligent SeriesSmart PTZ SeriesThermal Detection SeriesEssential SeriesNetwork Video Recorder, and Video Management System. They can work with our facial recognition solutions for different applications, such as Event SolutionRetail Solution, and Public Security Solution

Both Intelligent Series and Smart PTZ Series consists of several modules. The most important and computationally intensive is the stream analyzer, which performs human detection and tracking as well as face detection and characteristics calculation. The innovative models (trained with machine learning) for detection and characteristics calculations efficiently handle different face orientations. The models also have good resistance on occlusions and visual biasing such as facial hair styles, and are relatively rigid on sunglasses and haircuts.