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How can organizations best prepare to safely reopen businesses and remain open?

Today, social distancing has changed the way we go to work, shop, and even the types of jobs are deemed essential. Companies have been forced to completely alter their business practices, and there has been a push to innovate new tools to help understand, navigate, and stop the spread of this pandemic.

Workplaces and commercial areas, no matter offices, warehouses, retails or F&B services, are prime locations for viruses like COVID-19 to spread. Many businesses require a major shift in coronavirus office or venue policies, for example, including thermal detection and mask wearing in the premises. While some are now operating with minimal staffing or a fully remote workforce, meaning drastic changes to who has building access, and how employees are coming and going.

More and more organizations prefer automatic door controller alongside readers and software as a fully automatic access control system can offer teams a touchless, germ-free, and frictionless entry experience, protecting them from cross infection.

In addition, transitioning to a cloud managed access control system also makes site management simpler and safer, without relying on on-site personnel. When it comes to updating for coronavirus building security, a system that can be managed remotely offers greater control and flexibility:

When it comes to updating for coronavirus building security, a system that can be managed remotely offers greater control and flexibility.

Access control - adopt multi-authentication (e.g. facial recognition, QR code, pin, tap card) to ensure access authorization to the right person and enhance security level.

Attendance recording - navigate building access for regular working schedule and shift duty.

Instant mobile credentialing and guest passes - issue a secure mobile credential such as QR code to the person who needs access authorization during a scheduled timeslot (e.g. visitors, vendors).

Real time alerts - Get instant notification of any access event, including potential security threats such as visitor with elevated body temperature, without wearing mask or access permission.

Device management – control and monitor access control devices from multiple office locations, and make real-time changes from one application.


As the world begins to normalize again, a customized access control solution can help organizations reopen their doors to their employees and to the public. Whether they building a complete access control solution from the ground up, or if they have a legacy system in place already and just want to add the cloud and mobile capabilities on top of it as an upgrade. Their access control system should be just as flexible, resilient, and future-proof as the population of people it is designed to protect. Under this consideration, health and hygiene will take a much higher priority.


Ricky Tsui

Ricky Tsui

Senior Business Development Manager at Comba Telecom

Ricky has over 25 years of experience in industrial electronic & communication business and project management, strategic planning and alliance with different MNC and government bodies. In recent years, he has developed strong partnership alliance with other professionals in Hong Kong and focused on the latest video and facial recognition technology, AI and IT Infrastructure business for Asia Pacific Region.