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Defining purpose and needs of using automated access control system in the laboratory environment

Biometrics is increasingly being used but in an internal environment such as a laboratory. In previous years, their use was limited when personal protective equipment is required (e.g. gloves and face masks). In the post-COVID worlds, some facial recognition systems with mask detection function which can scan the face when the personnel is wearing a mask.

Typically, a system will integrate manual access control measures (e.g. locks) with automatic access control systems, which will provide beneficial functionality including automatic identification/ authentication, audit information, and zone controlled access. These make an effective access control system to:

  • enable authorized entry of persons and goods
  • prevent/deter the unauthorized entry of persons and goods
  • prevent the unauthorized removal of laboratory assets
  • provide monitoring and auditing of site movement
  • prevent unauthorized observation of laboratory activities.


Although most laboratories will already have advanced access content systems in place, it is advisable to undertake a study to determine whether the system is fit-for-purpose. There are several factors to be considered when determining needs.

  1. The laboratories' activities and specific assets requiring protection.
  2. The defined areas that require protection (site perimeter, building perimeter, and internal areas) and their criticality.
  3. Environmental/safety matters (e.g. fire escape requirements and disabled person access).
  4. Integration with other systems and IT needs of the system.
  5. The threats and the associated risks.

However, an automated system may still require human intervention to manage visitors, deliveries, etc., laboratory managers need to determine operational security requirements, providing a means of developing a security framework, understanding the risks from identified security threats, and the implementation of appropriate security solutions, commensurate with the risks and organizational vulnerabilities.

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