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MWC21 Show Daily Interview: How ScanViS Works

As MWC21 prepares to make a comeback following the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, implementing healthy, hygienic measures has never been so important. Here, Ken Li, Senior Solutions Manager – New Solution, Comba Telecom, outlines how touchless and face-ID technology can play a crucial role in creating a safe environment for attendees.

Can you explain how ScanViS’s touchless access control feature will ensure a healthy and hygienic experience for attendees at MWC21?

ScanViS GateGuard PRO access control devices leverage best-in-class facial recognition technology to verify the face ID of the registered attendees to walk across the venues of MWC21, without touching any machines to complete the access control process. The registered attendees simply walk through the BREEZ access control area where the GateGuard PRO access control devices will verify their face ID and authorize entry to them. The whole verification process is completed by the ScanViS devices and is totally touch-free to avoid unnecessary physical contacts between humans and machines, which significantly mitigates the risk of cross-infection and secures a healthy and hygienic experience for the attendees. 

How important are touchless features in creating a safe environment with in-person events making a comeback?

Touchless feature is a preventive step to control cross-infection in in-person events. It adopts biometric technology such as facial recognition using the face as an access key to enter the event venues. Physical contacts between human and human, human and machines in the access control process can be eliminated to secure a safe environment for public events. 

How has Comba-Telecom adapted its solutions in light of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Comba Telecom’s smart solution brand – ScanViS GateGuard series, adopts safe and reliable facial recognition technology to perform access control functions by face ID. The product series help enterprises and organizations to ensure only registered visitors have authorized entry to the building or venue, while the touchless feature healthy and safe measures in the building or facility management industry.

What are some of the challenges of operating such solutions in the middle of a health crisis and how have you overcome them?

It may not be easy for the public or building/venue to fully accept the adoption of the new solutions when a health crisis hits suddenly. Since the pandemic started, ScanViS has been communicating to the public and communities the importance of using touchless in building/venue access and explaining the benefits brought by such solutions through the online platforms. Demonstration videos to show easy installation and operation of the solutions also help increase the acceptance level of wide adoption in the post-pandemic era. 

Another challenge is the privacy issue when using facial recognition as a touchless feature in the solutions. ScanViS understands the importance of data security therefore all collected data will be kept only by the customer with high standard encryption. In in-person events, consent will need to obtain from the attendees to use the face ID in the event access control system. 

 What are the advantages of using face verification tools as more people begin to gather in public places?

Fast. Accurate. Convenient. Efficient. 

Face verification tools are able to process a large volume of face data in public places with high traffic of people. It takes less than 0.3 seconds to verify the registered visitor’s face. Some devices can verify multiple faces with less than 1 second in one scene. This can significantly shorten queuing time in the access control area and facilitate crowd management with enhanced security. 

Published in MWC21 Official Newspaper

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Ken Li

Ken Li

Ken Li is a technical professional with more than 20 years of experience, specializing in technical professional service in access control solutions and mobile networks. He is currently the Senior Solutions Manager, New Solution of Comba Telecom, overseeing the development and business strategy of ScanViS access control solution for the international markets.