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Safeguarding Sensitive Data and Assets of Healthcare Sector with Physical Access Control Solution

Hospitals and healthcare centers are high-risk environments, their security models need to be adapted to the unique needs of the facility. As people entrust these places with their lives and expect top safety and security response, loss or misuse of vital patient records is not only an administrative concern but also a factor that impacts the hospital's or healthcare center’s security integrity.

As much as they want to be physically safe, patients like to have their sensitive data stored securely. This is why the hospital’s primary concern should be to correctly track and monitor the patient behavior and data submissions from the moment of front-desk check-in to the final dismissal.

The best way to do that is to run a thorough risk assessment and determine the level of security that a hospital or healthcare center requires. Some must-have items need to be considered:

  • Defining which people are granted or denied access to restricted areas throughout the healthcare facility campus. These areas may include (but are not limited to) the emergency room, maternity area, pediatric area, intensive care units, pharmacy, parking garage/lot, and more.


  • Hospital physical access control systems must be able to guard against specific issues, such as protection of sensitive areas, record keeping and tracking, theft prevention, misuse of expensive medical equipment, and staff and patient protection.


  • Identify the scale of physical access control management solution that can cover including patient and staff management, asset management, access control, video surveillance with real-time actionable information that enables the security team to detect anomalies and respond more quickly to potential threats before they become incidents.


  • By aggregating all hospital security data onto one user-friendly dashboard, security personnel can easily monitor their entire hospital campus. And if there is an incident, this data provides hospitals with a full, automatic audit trail.


  • Healthcare professionals should keep in mind the industry standards mandated by accredited standardization authorities, as well as country-specific and international codes of practice.


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