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Ideal Security Arrangement for Chemical Storage or Laboratory Facilities

As a consequence of the dynamic and ‘need-to-access’ based environment, chemical storage and laboratory facilities security is best addressed with electronic access control systems. Enhancing safety in chemicals or sample/specimen storage, testing rooms to enable access only to authorized people, keeping sensitive records safe, as well as strictly controlled use of equipment can be performed from web-based software or from mobile apps.

Proper tracking of chemicals or biochemical samples is extremely important in chemical storage or laboratory environments.

Electronic access systems are convenient for overseeing chemical storage and laboratory security on a number of distributed locations. Managing role-based security and overseeing multiple chemical storerooms or laboratory test rooms across the state can be done from a smartphone. This makes the job of managers simple and frees staff time from unnecessary reporting.

Chemical storage and laboratory security systems based on electronic access control can help physical security needs. They enable biometrics authentication such as facial recognition for authorized staff, visitors, and contractors. Face ID is now becoming widely used as an access key to the restricted zone, playing a part in multi-layer security. Passcards, pins, and/or QR codes can also be added to enable a two-factor or multi-factor authentication process for enhanced security.

The scalability of the electronic access systems allows unique solutions for chemical storage and laboratory facilities. Depending on the size of the facility, it can include standalone readers for multiple locations or one central control point for multiple devices connected in a network. Laboratories are usually in need of modern software solutions; the ideal solution executed with electronic access control can be integrated into the rest of the testing rooms to round up the testing circle.


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