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Modern Access Control Solutions Changing Property Management

In an era of growing security and health concerns, facility managers, property managers must elevate the importance of efficient, trusted access and safe entry experience. The challenge for property management is putting suitable technology and access control solutions in place that would ensure tenant security, safety, as well as convenience.

Considering future tenants and occupants, selecting new access control solutions that could improve tenant experience will future-proof investment in the long term. For property managers, deploying smart technologies could save cost, remove the operational burden, and ensure physical security.


Access control solutions to improve the tenant experience 

  1. Touchless door access

To ensure safety, touchless access control solutions are taking the lead not only for security but for physical health as well. The momentum of contactless biometric technology with a CAGR of 17.4% from 2020 to 2030 [1] is driving the use of facial recognition in access control. 

Modern authentication methods like QR codes and facial recognition speed up tenants’ entry process in a more frictionless, efficient way. This could prevent people from touching high-use surfaces that increase the spread of germs. There is no need to bring a key fob/card, which serves a singular use and is always forgotten or lost. 


  1. Delivery management

With e-commerce at an all-time high, tenants are receiving a lot of packages and deliveries every day. Package theft and unauthorized access are a high priority for both tenants and management. 

Utilizing advanced video intercom systems makes the delivery process easier. After receiving delivery notifications, temporary access PINs will be given to delivery vendors, supported with remote door unlock. 


  1. Cloud-based visitor management

Cloud-based access control solutions ensure anywhere access, and remote authorization, and business continuity.

Going mobile, app-based access control solutions create ease of use for both tenants and property managers. Tenants could register to gain access right by simply uploading ID and photo via mobile app. 

Cloud systems provide the ability to analyze traffic patterns for property managers. For example, managers could schedule a suitable time for maintenance or cleaning service for the building, according to which days have lower traffic. 


  1. Car park access control

Car park entry and exit access management are crucial to ensure premises security. Existing solutions like keycard-based are time-consuming and expensive to manage.

Smartphone-based access control solutions provide an innovative way to grant and revoke parking access. By integrating QR code readers with existing parking gates, tenants can access the car park by using their mobile phones. This is helpful for both security and user experience. Property managers could keep track of access logs with easy administration through cloud system.

To conclude, the momentum of touchless technology and cloud development is pushing the growth of smart apartments with modern access control solutions. Convenient access control and video intercom systems can minimize operational burden from property managers and guarantee tenants feel secure in their apartment. 


[1] Adoption of Contactless Biometrics Technology Buoyed by Touchless Identity Verification Need Amid COVID-19; Market Value to Cross US$ 70 Bn by 2030: FMI

Ricky Tsui

Ricky Tsui

Senior Business Development Manager at Comba Telecom

Ricky has over 25 years of experience in industrial electronic & communication business and project management, strategic planning and alliance with different MNC and government bodies. In recent years, he has developed strong partnership alliance with other professionals in Hong Kong and focused on the latest video and facial recognition technology, AI and IT Infrastructure business for Asia Pacific Region.